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Richard Durban’s Charity

(Charity Commission reference 310205)

Since 1729 Richard Durban’s Charity has supported the education of young people in Yatton, Claverham, and Kingston Seymour. Richard Durban, who was a member of the Society of Friends (the Quakers), left a legacy to support the education of local children and local young people, and over the past centuries the Durban Trust set up the first schools in Yatton, and continues to disperse grants to the young people of Yatton, and the villages close to Yatton. It is the Foundation Body of Yatton V.C. Infant School, and makes an annual grant to that school. This legacy also survives today in the form of a Trust that disperses grants to young people, up to the age of twenty five years, going into Trade Training, Further Education and Higher Education. The terms of the Trust document restricts the grants to those young people who have attended schools in Yatton or Claverham.

The size of the grant depends on the income of the Trust and the number of applicants. Over the past few years the grant has been approximately £200 per annum, and that can cover the purchase of books and other course materials, and other bona fide expenses.

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The Clerk to the Trustees
Richard Durban’s Charity
50 High Street
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Telephone: 01934 833 208

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Applications are open from 1st Apr - 30th June